Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This is where aunt Frank fell through the duck pond whilst skating.

Fuck it, I'm going to grandma's house.

Every time a bell rings, an angel FALLS TO HELL.

PAUL DI'ANNO used Cocaine! It's super effective! STEVE HARRIS is confused! STEVE HARRIS used Kick Paul out of the band because he does drugs! PAUL DI'ANNO fled!

Only when he takes of his prosthetic leg, does Jeremy Gilbert the III really start to party.

You know what? I love you, lets go play hackysack.

In between my glasses are small shards of grapefruit.


So you're telling me my buttcheeks are identical twins? Crazy!

Luckily, they only amputated my entire body.

No, I will not caress your ankles.

Only in the dead of the night does Paperclipman step out from the shadows to do his dirty work.

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