Monday, June 28, 2010

Too this day I have never seen a cornstarch biscuit as beautiful as you.

Burritos, burritos, burritos with libidos.

That nazi hooker broke my glasses!

You know what you are? Your a stillborn! An orphan stillborn. An adopted orphan stillborn.

Arma-geddon-dillos. Fucking brutal.

First I was like whoa, then I was like whoaa, and THEN I was like who forgot to turn the stove off?

In my old Harry Potter computer games Dumbledore sounds like a chain smoker.

An instant cinematic classic! A Rock Does Something. A suspenseful thriller that will keep your attention until the last minute. SURPRISE TWIST ENDING. (Caution, Spoilers) After watching a rock sitting on the grass for 180 minutes, the rock never does anything.

Primo buffalo gigolo steak. 7.50$ a slab, seasoned with Parmesan.

Yeah, I'm in a skiffle band, you pretty much shouldn't fuck with us.

Sometimes I feel like waiting for a movie to download illegally is like waiting for two fourth graders to steal you a bag of Lays from a corner store.

My troubles started when you spilled the popcorn. That really was the descent of our relationship.

One second, just let me tuck my pants into my socks to keep my ankles warm before we battle these samurais.

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